Wednesday, October 2, 2013


The two things in life I most love to do is to read and to listen to music. In my ancient days, I was a professional musician in Los Angeles playing saxophone and clarinet. I soon changed careers to Social Work and when asked why, I would say that I decided I wanted the finer things in food and shelter. But I never lost my love for music. Between 2006 and 2011, I owned a rather popular website called Free Albums Galore where I posted my discovery of free and legal music albums by both indie and established artists. Sadly, work and health issues interfered and I had to abandon it. I am now retired with time to kill, but I decided to devote my time to book reviewing.

This is my secondary book review site. My primary review site is The Novel Pursuit where I review fiction and the occasional non-fiction work. Yet I wanted a separate area where I can place my reviews of books related to music, include both fiction and non-fiction. Any book about any type of music or any musician is fair game. Musically, I am rather eclectic but My own preference is for jazz and rock. Yet my reading in music is very broad. So you may find anything here as a rocks, swings, sways, or chill. Thank you for visiting my humble but cool and blue blog.

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